We are Osmotic. We’re all mad here.


Hi, I’m Vanessa. I like to spend my time daydreaming. Sometimes I put one of those dreams on paper and then call that work.

Vanessa Zeeb
Art Director
OS_web_Profilicon_FavGames Overwatch, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda, Parodius
OS_web_Profilicon_Interests I made my two hobbies, art and games, my job. That’s why I don’t have any more hobbies now.
OS_web_Profilicon_Philosophy Sometimes I buy things because they look nice, no matter whether I actually need them or not.


Hi, I’m Michael. Most of my friends call me “Michi”. I think that is adequate, but I like “Micha” much more. I never told them, though.

Michael Kluge
CEO & Technical Director
OS_web_Profilicon_FavGames Monkey Island 1+2, Alpha Centauri, League of Legends, Risen 2, Day of the Tentacle
OS_web_Profilicon_Interests I love problems, solving them in particular. And checking off todo-lists.
OS_web_Profilicon_Philosophy When solving one problem leads to several others, then my todo-list becomes a todo-tree.


Hi. My name is Daniel and I am bad at making decisions. Which is kind of weird, because games are all about choice. That is probably why I love them so much. They are therapy.

Daniel Marx
CEO & Game Director
OS_web_Profilicon_FavGames The Lost Vikings, Papers Please, Portal, Lemmings, Gothic, The Witcher Series, What Remains of Edith Finch, XCOM 1+2
OS_web_Profilicon_Interests Getting lost in thought. And in games. Especially thoughtful games.
OS_web_Profilicon_Philosophy Imagine a sharp-witted, humorous and overall genious statement on society here while I’m still busy thinking of one.